Edward Butcher

代表/講師 Edward Butcher ブッチャー エドワード

カナダ出身。トロント大学卒業、マギル大学 Political Science(政治学)修士号取得。


妻と二人の子供と吉祥寺に住む。趣味はEconomics、Rock ʼnʼ Roll(もちろんビートルズ!)、Baseball。



そこで考え付いたのが、私が最も好きなバンド「The Beatles」を教材にした英会話スクールです。

デイトリッパー英会話(Day Tripper English School)は、日本で唯一のビートルズをテーマにした英会話スクールです。



Who’s your favorite Beatle?


What’s your favorite Beatles song?

That’s always a hard question. I remember a classmate asking me this in the middle of a high school accounting class, and at that time I answered “Come Together.” And I can remember the same question coming up at a small bar in Osaka about 10 years ago, and at that time my answer was “Ticket to Ride.” There are so many great Beatles songs, and such variety in their music, that it’s hard to choose just one, and you’re always changing your mind. But my favorite these days is “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Lyrically it’s very simple, but musically — with the guitars, the melody, the harmonies, the hand-clapping — it might be the most joyous song they ever wrote. And historically it was important because it’s the song that finally broke America open for the Beatles and turned them into a worldwide sensation.

What’s your favorite Beatles album?

These days it’s probably A Hard Day’s Night, which is influenced I think by having two little kids at home. That’s an album full of catchy, melodic songs that everyone in the family can enjoy.

When did you become a fan of the Beatles?

I remember being really excited about the Beatles albums coming out on CD in 1987, so by that time — I would’ve been 11 or 12 — I was already a bit of a fan. But I was only familiar with their more famous songs so with the CDs I got to hear a lot of their music for the first time. I can remember certain songs from that time, like “Rain,” or the trio of songs in the middle of Revolver — “She Said She Said,” “Good Day Sunshine,” and “And Your Bird Can Sing” — and being amazed that they’d written so many incredible songs that weren’t even hits.

And because of the CDs, there was a bit of a Beatles revival taking place in those years, so I’m sure that influenced me. I remember a friend in 6th grade asking me if I’d heard “Good Day Sunshine” and telling me how much he liked it. I didn’t realize it at the time but looking back I feel fortunate that I got to experience a little of what kids in the ‘60s experienced, listening to Beatles songs for the first time and talking about it with friends.